A Rabbi explains why it is immoral to marry a 2-year-old.

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In the article “Misquoting the Talmud” a Rabbi explains who vial anti-semites use dirty and cheap tactics, like quoting from the Talmud, a book that has nothing to do with Jews or their belief apparently but is “morally perfect” and if you interpret anything you don’t like it is obviously also your fault.

“…if something ever sounds otherwise, it is because it is not understood properly.”


Anyway, I am not here to debate anything the Jews find moral, I just want to point out how this Rabbi basically shot himself in the foot. He tries to refute the anti-semitic quotes from the Talmud which claim that the Talmud allows marriage with a 3-year-old. But all he does is prove the claim in the first place, even a 3-year-old that got married to some nasty Jew could see his mistake.



Jews don’t see a marriage between an under 3-year-old as legitimate. But if we follow the logic and reason behind this statement we come to the conclusion that the marriage of a 3-year-old is valid. Why would the Jews state the explicit age of 3 if you are not allowed to marry, for example, an under 14-year-old? Anybody would understand that for no logical reason you should be magically allowed to marry a 2-year-old under these circumstances.


I don’t speak for the validity of the whole Talmud or any other holy book the Jews have that might state otherwise because neither the Rabbi that this side contacted doesn’t state them nor did any editor either. If they want to spread their propaganda they should at least know what they are talking about.


And remember goyim:

“So you see, one can change the meaning of anything by taking it out of context. And better not to waste time refuting these points one by one. God’s Torah is morally perfect, and if something ever sounds otherwise, it is because it is not understood properly.”

So stop quoting the Talmud you evil Nazi!




http://www.aish.com/atr/Misquoting_the_Talmud.html (17.12.2017)



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