Hungary introduces “Stop Soros” legislation.

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Hungary introduces “Stop Soros” legislation to fend off illegal migrants by “every means possible” 1.NGOs which participate in or support illegal immigration will be obligated to provide data to the government on their activities. 2.Affected NGOs that receive money from aboard must pay a 25% tax, collected by the national tax and customs administration. 3.Foreign nationals and Hungarian activists who support mass illegal migration may be subject to a restraining order which requires they remain up to 5 miles from the border, with diplomats and UN representatives exempt. Those rules aim to shut remaining loopholes that allow illegal immigration. Observance of these rules, Pinter said, will be checked by the prosecutor’s office, and if it finds an infringement, it will inform the court and propose a sanction on which the court may decide.

“If Soros is found to have engaged in such activity, meaning he organizes illegal immigration, then the rules will apply to him”, Zoltan Kovacs said.

However, despite all of this, Hungary secretly accepted 1300 immigrants in 2017, Deputy State Secretary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Kristóf Altusz revealed the number in an interview published in the Times of Malta on January 10. According to Altusz, such cases were not publicised by the government as it could put the beneficiaries in danger. And what is going to happen if Soros will continue to break those rules?I don’t think that the Hungarian government will be able to stop him(even if it really wanted to). All of those new laws are made to pacify the masses. After all, Hungary is in the European Union, Hungary did take in immigrants and will take more if asked, it’s just that the Hungarian people are not ready for this.

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