Lefty-Riots in Austria because of German Nationalist “Akademiker Ball”

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Every year in Austria the so-called “Burschenschaften” (although this translates to fraternity, in Austria, they are all right wing and mostly German nationalists) have a ball, the academics ball. Coinciding with this event there always is a counter-demonstration by mostly communists and other lefties to protest against people with a different viewpoint having a completely peaceful dance. Their goal is to fight “Nazis” obviously.

Protests in the year 2015


The only problem is that there “protests” end in violence and destruction every year. This is a small scale of what happened in Hamburg, no wonder as these are people following the same ideology. This is a risky meta-political move as on the one hand they try to show the people that the public doesn’t accept right-wing ideas but on the other hand, they are transparently and unreasonably violent and that pisses people off.

A commie who was once in my class claimed that the Akademiker Ball should be forbidden because the riots of the people opposing it are so destructive. How you come to this conclusion can only be explained by power politics or lefties insanity. The only reasonable solution is to either ban the riot all together and arrest everyone that shows up or to let the police do their actual job and arrest these violent communists.

Earlier this year a member of the FPÖ (center-right party) was connected to an “antisemitic” and “racist” music book which was used in the Burschenschaft Germani zu Klosterneuburg which he is a member of. After several attacks from the (((media))) and (((concerned))) citizens and other globalists and Marxists the party did not cuck. This is great news as this guy is a minister of the new coalition which just formed last fall between the ÖVP and the FPÖ. Both of them ran their campaign on a somewhat nationalist and indicate a paradigm shift for Austrian politics towards a better future.


EDITORS NOTE: The party did cuck on the 01.02.2018 and said politician did retire. 

We got the lefties crying the only thing we now need is the politicians to hold on to their promises and do what the people want!

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