The Jews Fear the Swede

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While researching Finland’s ban on the Nordic Resistance Movement recently I came across this article,, titled “How Sweden Became a Thriving Base of neo-Nazi Ideology”. The article was written by some guy named David Stavrou for an Israeli news site, which surprised me as Stavrou is a Greek surname rather than a Jewish one. I looked him up and although he doesn’t look Jewish, he still has the facial features of a rat. The title of this article obviously struck me as odd due to the current state of Sweden. Even coming from Jewish news website, (((Haaretz))), I was surprised because Jews tend to flaunt their success with destroying Sweden. I decided to turn on my adblocker and read the article in the hopes of finding a white pill but instead, I found the perfect example of the phrase “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”.

The article begins by talking about “a secret network operating out of Malmo ” that was established directly after WW2 to keep the far right alive. Although the article briefly mentions Nordic Resistance Movement, the majority describes old men who attempted (and failed) to keep the far right alive in Europe. David even cited Sweden’s role in the Nazi Underground Railroad that smuggled Nazis to Argentina (I’m surprised David didn’t point out the cultural appropriation here). Now you may be wondering, “what does this have to do with modern-day Sweden?”. Nothing. The Jews writing this article (yes I know David isn’t Jewish but his bosses are) want to make Swedes feel bad about their past so that they will have to import more negros to shed that guilt. As we all know, this same exact trick has been done all over the world through the Holohoax and in America through slavery. David concludes this useless article by giving an interview with Daniel Friberg, who is the founder of Arktos media and some friend of Richard Spencer. The article attempts to use him as an example of how racist Sweden is even though he disavows fascism and national socialism. On top of this, he claims to be independent without a membership in any political organization. Yet despite this, Mr. Friberg somehow represents Sweden as a whole. Interesting choice, David, you could have at least chosen a real Swedish National Socialist.

So at the end of the day, this article shows that the Jews are afraid. They are attacking Sweden while playing the victim of “violent evil nazis” who apparently exist in Sweden. I have a feeling they are absolutely terrified of the Nordic Resistance Movement as David only dedicated one short paragraph to this group which is arguably the most successful modern-day National Socialist organization (other than Golden Dawn of course). If David did an interview with NRM he might have actually been able to “prove” that racism is growing in Sweden (and rightfully so). But no, Jews love to deplatform real movements as soon as they begin to feel scared while at the same time playing the victim.

Remember: The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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