The Raven of Zurich – The Memoirs of Felix Somary

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Felix Somary was a Swiss banker whose life spanned pre-World War I Europe all the way to the early fifties. This is his autobiography ending in 1956.

Somary basically knew everyone worth knowing in Europe and America; presidents, prime ministers, financiers, generals, statesmen, etc. from the beginning of world war I till his death in 1956.
He was at the centre of many of the 20th century’s most important events. His “predictions” (inside knowledge) of the coming of World War I and II, of the rise of Communism, of the 1929 stock market crash, of the German hyperinflation, of the advent of European anti-Americanism, and on and on would make Nostradamus look like a charlatan.

Every page is a revelation. Somary’s insights into people and events will leave you dumb struck in wonder. To call him clairvoyant comes nowhere near the mark. A very interesting read indeed.

The Raven of Zurich – The Memoirs of Felix Somary

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