Works of Julius Evola

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Julius Evola was an Italian esotericist and philosopher promoting the Traditionalist school of thinking.

His magnum opus, Revolt Against the Modern World, explains the decadence the modern industrialized world is facing and refers to ancient scripts of mythology for connection.He tampers with the question of human origin, utilizing modern decay to ascend yourself in Ride the Tiger, speaks about higher goals and ideals of war in Metaphysics of War, reviews Europe’s situation post-WW2 in Men Among the Ruins and also provides us with critiques of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany in books such as Fascism Viewed from the Right and Notes on the Third Reich.

Some view him as a reactionary but on the contrary, the man was not a mere reactionary but a revolutionary figure that contributed much to modern Fascism and explaining the worldview rather than just dabbling on politics.

Revolt Against the Modern World Download

Ride the Tiger Download

Men Among the Ruins Download

Fascism Viewed from the Right Download

Notes on the Third Reich Download

The Yoga of Power Download


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